CH DC's Moonwalking to Cove's Edge - "Billie Jean"
  becomes a New American Champion, December 2021!

Lionel Richie at Red's Eats giving us a "Thumbs Up" 

So exciting to have him visit and such a nice man!  Thanks Lionel....a real honor!!

Red's Eats once again wins Down East's BEST OF MAINE for our Lobster Roll! 
These multiple wins make us so proud!!

USA TodayRed's Eats included as one of the 
Wow!!  We are thrilled and honored with this recognition!!!

Click on image to view larger!

Red's Eats New Book!!
History, fun facts, photos, Red (whole section on my Dad), even some recipes!
Signed copies available at Red's Eats.....or visit to have a book shipped.

MapQuest just launched its "99 Summer Travel Quests” series which 
includes 99 summer travel ideas – one for each day of summer.  
Red's Eats was named in one of the quests:
Click below to visit us on Mapquest!

Eat Maine’s Best Lobster Rolls on a Lobster Roll Crawl

Ch. Cove's Edge Perfect Rhythm  "Elvis"
Elvis finished his championship in grand style at the Breeder's Circuit.  Winning 2 of the 4 day show for majors.....all breeder/owner handled.
I am so proud of this fine young dog!

April 2016, Mavis' owner, Liz Cloonan shared:
Mavis (Elton's daughter) earned 2 legs today to finish her barn hunt open title!!! She earned 2nd place in both legs and as always is a crowdfavorite!  She is now a Rat O :) 

Elton (right) pictured with son, Pinch" May 2016
Elton takes Best Veteran - Pinch takes WD



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